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small in size, big in heritage

The Cask Series

The smallest member of The Heritage Flag collection is here—The Cask! This smaller version of our barrel wood American Flag might be the coolest thing ever! Measuring 12” x 6”, The Cask is perfect for any location in your home or office. They make great gifts and are an incredible way to say thank you to someone.

Handcrafting History

The Classic Series

Our Classic Heritage Flag is where our story began. These handmade works of art are crafted from aged whisky and bourbon barrels. During the aging process, the barrels take on a life of their own, each becoming uniquely different, making a Heritage Flag truly one-of-a-kind. Each flag is handcrafted to order.

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Reclaiming American Pride

Old Glory Series

Just as unique as our Classic Heritage Flags, these limited edition flags are made of half whisky and half red wine staves. There is a slight blue hue added to the star field that compliments the natural reds from the red wine staves. This flag is a masterpiece that will be crafted as long as our limited supply of wine staves last.

The Old Glory Double Barrel


Line of Duty

The First Responder Series

We created this series to honor the brave men and women that protect and serve our communities everyday. Each flag is created with a single bar of color to signify the selfless service and sacrifice in the line of duty.

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The Operator Series

The Operator Series

The Operator Heritage Flag Series is a tribute to all of the bad asses that keep us free at home. Each flag in the series has 6 rounds embedded in the center six stars of the Union. The flags are also branded with the silhouette of the respective firearm in the lower right corner.

50 Become One

The State Flag Series

Our State Flag Series is a perfect way to display your state's heritage. Each flag is as unique as any Heritage Flag and will be a conversation piece for years to come. Check back in the future for the release of more state flags!

handcrafted for you

The Specialty Series

Our Specialty Flag Series is a collection of Heritage Flags inspired by our customers. We are continually creating new flags so make sure to check back in! If you have an idea of your own, don’t hesitate to let us know. We love to hear from our customers.

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Necessary Accessories

Pledge Your Allegiance

Limited Edition Collectibles

At The Heritage Flag Co, we believe in craftsmanship, community, and our customers. You are our greatest ambassadors. The limited edition collectibles allow you to carry our heritage into your lifestyle. We raise our glasses to you!

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The Heritage Flag Flask