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Dare To Dream...

  • Giving Back To CxC

    The Heritage Star

    We’ve been honored at The Heritage Flag Company to construct works of art that have helped raise over a million dollars for nonprofits all over the country since 2014. Helping others give back is at the core of The Heritage Flag Company and we are committed to helping nonprofit organizations grow and thrive in any economic environment.

    You have received this exclusive opportunity to give back while receiving a limited edition one-of-a-kind Heritage Flag to serve as a daily reminder of your genericity! 25% of the proceeds from either flag below will go directly to the CxC Foundation. We thank you for your support!

    Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

    The Heritage Star

    The first barrel wood American Flag was given as a gift. A gift that has become The Heritage Flag Company. The first company in the United States make an American Flag from barrels and there is a US Patent to prove it: U.S PAT NO. D756,263S. Please be respectful of our originality!