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The Heritage Flag Dream Program

The Heritage Star

We’ve been honored at The Heritage Flag Company to construct works of art that have helped raise over a million dollars for nonprofits all over the country since 2014. Helping others give back is at the core of The Heritage Flag Company and we are committed to helping nonprofit organizations grow and thrive in any economic environment. The Heritage Flag Dream Program was created to help keep everyones' dreams alive through handcrafted, one-of-a-kind Heritage Flags!

The Big Idea

We work together to create a custom Heritage Flag donning your organizations’ logo or insignia, you sell it for a limited time through email to your supporters and then we donate a portion of the sales back to your organization with the opportunity to earn more!

How It Works

The Heritage Star

With no upfront investment required from you, we generate the prototype flag for your organization. You offer this one-of-a-kind flag for a limited time to your network of donors, supporters, families and friends through an email campaign that you create and you send out. It will include private product link to Your Custom Heritage Flags on our website. The product will be purchased and shipped directly from us within 30 days.

At completion of the sales campaign, usually one to three weeks, we will donate 25% of the sales back to your organization. It's that simple.

Earn More...

If your network purchases more than 100 of Your Cask Heritage Flags, we will give you five of Your Cask Heritage Flags for free! If they purchase more than 300, we will give you a matching Small Batch Heritage Flag for your organization (retail value $349.) If they purchase more than 500, we will give you a matching Half Barrel ($549) and anything over 700, we will give you a matching Full Barrel Heritage Flag ($649) with your donation check!

Let's Start Dreaming Together...

The Heritage Star

We have selected to share The Heritage Flag Company's Dream Program with you because we have done our research on all of the great things your organization does for your community and we want to help! If you aren’t familiar with our story, please learn more about us below. If you’re ready to see how many more dreams we can bring to life together, email us and request a Dream Program Application to get the process started.

- Zero cost to the nonprofit -

- Easy email driven campaign. No social media -

- Each Custom Heritage Flag is handcrafted for your network -

- Gives your network a meaningful, tangible representation of their support -

The Heritage Flag Dream Team
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    "Arlington changed everything for me. While I had two very successful businesses at the time, I came home from that trip and told my guys, 'I'm chasing the flag. If you need to do something else to support your family, now is the time to start looking.' And I didn't lose a single guy."

    Heath's time at Arlington opened up his eyes to a whole world of sacrifice he hadn't considered.


    I didn't even know what a gold star family was before all of this—and now some of the most special flags we make have a 22 carat gold star gilded in them.

    Many people ask Heath why the flag stuck. Of all the things he could have built, of all the things he could have crafted, why choose the American flag?

    "The reality is, the flag chose me and it stuck because there was nothing out there like it. It is wild that in 2014 we created the wooden flag market. We are the original wooden flag company and that is wild to think about. In a very short amount of time I've had the honor of meeting people all over the country, and to each person the flag means something a little different. From sacrifice and loss, to opportunity and strength. It represents a bond that unites us all as Americans. The sacrifices that some have made to defend our heritage and our freedom is something most can’t comprehend. But through it all, the American flag is a common denominator. The flag of the United States was made to unite the people, and that's exactly what it does."


    Heath feels an enormous sense of pride of bringing awareness and preservation to such an important national mark.

    I love that this company has helped put the meaning of the flag into perspective—not just for me, but for a lot of people.

    "There's a lot of people that resonate with our flags because we are the original wooden flag company but the texture, the heritage, and the history behind the barrels each flag is made of is truly special. That's something you can't just make up. It is absolutely unbelievable what has happened from this dream."

    "We have the most incredible team here, from the craftsmen to the ladies in the shop, it's unbelievable. Every single guy here is an artist. What's so crazy about every one of these flags is that it's not possible for any two to be the same. They're art. And that is something that absolutely, positively does not get old."

    "I always say, we are on journey to the top of Mt. Everest, and we are just putting our shoes on. That's the name of our game right now. The sky is the limit. We're working really hard to focus on the quality of products that we (and our customers demand), and grow smart."

    "Our company is about making every single one of those flags mean something. We are going to continue to give to people who deserve it. We run a for-profit business, but in doing so are able to make money for non-profits. It's the best of both worlds. We can continue to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for people who need it. Now, there are Heritage Flags in every US state and 28 countries. It's insane. And we have not even gotten started yet."


    Watch The Video