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Every Heritage Flag
has a story

Heritage Craftsmanship

Crossed Tools

To invest in a Heritage Flag is investing in something truly original. Being The Original Wooden Flag Company and creating the first Barrel Wood American Flag is not something we take lightly. We know these works of art are not inexpensive and we think it’s best to let our products do the talking. When you receive your first Heritage Flag, you’ll see first hand the level of detail in each handcrafted Heritage Flag. We take tremendous pride in our handcrafted works of art that will be the centerpiece of your home or special place. Our intentions are for each Heritage Flag to be admired for many generations to come!

Barrel Wood Series
Homegrown Series

Making a Living, Giving Back

The Heritage Star

We have been honored at The Heritage Flag Company ® to construct works of art that have helped raise over a million dollars for non-profits all over the country. It’s common for a Heritage Flag to auction for $10,000-$40,000! We stay at least 90 days out on donations, but we do have programs in place to help everyone win. Feel free to give us a call and ask us about our Heritage Dream Program™.