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The Defender Flag

The Defender Flag was created for those who defend our country, representing the way the flag appears on Military uniforms and insignia. 
*All flag orders ship standard seven days after the date they are ordered. For a $25 fee we will guarantee that your flag will ship the next business day after ordering. Please select this option when ordering. Custom orders cannot be expedited.


Weight: 45.00 LBS
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    I purchased (2) Defender Flags for my two veteran sons. They really loved them and the flags will forever be an heirloom.
    Thanks for making our Christmas special!

    Jason Andreoni

    I received the defender flag last week. It exceeded all my expectations. You pay what you get for is a great assessment of their work. I thank you for quality work, my 1SG will be excited with this going away gift. Thank you and your team.

    Kathi Roque

    My husband, Steve retired from the Army on Dec 15, 2011. He did two tours in Kosova and two tours in Iraq. He is 100% disabled with PTSD, and struggles with life as a retired civilian. He served this country with pride and honor, and the flag means so much to both he and I. I saw the Heritage Flag Company on Facebook. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to get it for him for Christmas. It arrived yesterday, Dec. 22 and couldn't wait until Christmas morning. Watching him open it and seeing his expression made me cry. The flag is so beautiful. We both kept touching it and couldn't stop looking at it. I can't thank you enough for this work of art that will proudly be displayed in our home.


    While I believe most people purchase Heritage flags to commerate a special occasion or event, the quality and craftsmanship was beyond my expectations and will absolutely make a special reason to purchase just that.
    Pictures of the flag do not do justice to opening the box and actually seeing it. I purchased the small batch Defender flag and flag stand for my son to commerate his service in the Army RANGERS and also a Purple Heart Recipient.
    The flag arrived at my wife's place of employment and I asked her to open it just to be sure all was OK. She told me that everyone who saw it either got tears in their eyes or just admired in silence. It is amazing to me how this flag generates instant respect through the rustic look and quality craftsmanship. I will be purchasing a larger sized flag for myself in the near future. If you're looking to purchase a quality gift and a future family heirloom that can be handed down for generations to come......this is it.

    Emily Johnson

    This is absolutely amazing. My son served in Iraq and Afganastan and he will love this Christmas gift!


    Love this flag! Great workmanship. Purchased on behalf of my two sons serving in the military. However, it's secretly for me.


    I got the Defender Flag for my dad's 60th birthday. It was the perfect gift for such a special birthday and my dad really liked it! I would definitely buy from Heritage Flags again, great service and products!



    Max Hall

    I wanted to get my Son his first flag when he was born and was lucky enough to find The Heritage Flag company and the Defender Flag. It now sits above his crib and I hope will remind him of the flag that I wear on my right shoulder to work everyday in the Army. We are local and were able to pick up our flag in person. Going to their shop was an added bonus and really made us appreciate the love, attention, pride, and craftsmanship that go into each flag. I could not be happier with my Son's Defender Flag and I hope that he will proudly display for the rest of his life!

    Diana from CA

    I purchased this for my husband as an early birthday gift. When I received the flag, it definitely exceeded my expectations. The craftsmanship is superb. It even still smells like whiskey 2 weeks later! He had a friend come over and his friend thought it was fantastic as well. This is a piece that is definitely going to be staying in the family for generations to come. We love it!

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