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The Betsy Ross Flag

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Americans love the story of Betsy Ross and the creation of the nation’s first official flag. For almost 240 years now, the tale of the plucky, practical Philadelphia seamstress has occupied a comfortable niche in the country’s patriotic pantheon alongside the stories of Paul Revere, the Minutemen, and Valley Forge.

The Legend of the Betsy Ross Flag tells that in the summer of 1776 (or possibly 1777) Betsy Ross, newly widowed, is said to have received a visit from General George Washington regarding a design for a flag for the new nation. Washington and the Continental Congress had come up with the basic layout, but, according to legend, Betsy allegedly finalized the design, arguing for stars with five points (Washington had suggested six) because the cloth could be folded and cut out with a single snip. The flag, containing 13 five-point stars and 13 stripes, was then adopted in July 1777 by the Continental Congress as a symbol of national unity and pride of the new republic.

While some historians still debate Betsy Ross’s involvement in the creation of the flag, the legend lives on - and the flag that was adopted in 1777 still lives on as a symbol of unity in a newly formed nation.

We at The Heritage Flag Company wanted to create a handcrafted bourbon barrel flag in tribute to the Betsy Ross Flag and the first 13 colonies that originally came together to form this great nation.

"This flag is part of the heritage of the American flag as we know it," says Heath Trigg, founder of the Heritage Flag Company. "The Betsy Ross flag is the first official flag where the Stars and Stripes come together and represent the 13 colonies as a united nation. We thought it was only fitting to release this tribute to the first American flag on Independence Day."

The Betsy Ross flag, like all Heritage Flags is handcrafted from bourbon barrel staves in Southern Pines, North Carolina.

The first Heritage Flag was handcrafted as a gift for three veterans chasing the American dream of opening their own business. Each one-of-a-kind Heritage bourbon barrel stave flag including the Betsy Ross, serves as a tribute to the men, women, and families who selflessly serve our nation and protect our freedom.

The Betsy Ross makes the perfect patriotic gift for military service men and women, first responders, bourbon enthusiasts, and patriotic Americans.

The new handcrafted Betsy Ross flag is available now, at this link