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    Words cannot begin to describe the level of customer service Heath and the crew at The Heritage Flag have provided me over the last 5+ plus years. If you had any doubt that good ole customer service still lives right here.

    Danny Tisdale

    I built a shop so I could dodge my wife's bullet when I retire and home all the time. I wanted it to be my place, decorated by me. Being a vet I've always been inspired by OUR flag. So I decided to decorate it with various USA flags. I've ordered wooden and metal flags from all over the country. I've received only 2 so far. I received my Heritage Old Glory flag in about 8-9 days after ordered. When I opened it my wife and I were moved by just how great it looks. My wife's first words were. This needs to go in the house. My response was. I need to order more. These flags will become heirlooms wherever you place them. Well worth the cost. Thank you Heritage Flag.


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