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From Barrel to Banner
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Heritage Craftsmanship

Crossed Tools

Steeped in tradition and careful craftsmanship, the process of creating a Heritage Flag takes time. It all begins with the barrels—bourbon, whiskey and wine are aged for upwards of ten years. During that time, the barrels take on a life of their own, each becoming uniquely different, making a Heritage Flag truly one of a kind. From the barrels, each flag is built by hand in our workshop, located in Southern Pines, North Carolina. No two flags are alike, each perfectly imperfect.

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Heritage Community

The Heritage Star

As the first Heritage Flag originated as a Veteran “thank you” gift, we remain committed to supporting the individuals that inspire, sacrifice and protect others in our communities and around the world.


Heritage Story

Whiskey Barrel Image

The Heritage Flag Company originated from a dream. Heath was hired to construct a taproom by the founders of a local brewery. As the project came to an end, Heath had a dream about crafting a matching bourbon barrel American flag as a surprise thank you gift for the Veteran owners. The first Heritage Flag was secretly placed on the wall at the brewery and revealed at their grand opening, sparking the amazing journey that would form The Heritage Flag Company.

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